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From: Ry N
Subject: Eighteen and HornyJust last week I turned 18 years old. Yes, that means I am legal and
loving it. I have been a reader of Nifty stories for a few years now and
love the world of gay erotic stories. I have wanted to write one for quite
a while now, but several reasons have held me back. Now that I have my
very kiddy young clip
own computer, though, I can consider myself an author of these
wonderful types of stories. I plan to write as much real life as I can
because that seems to be more fun. But when I hit dry streaks I'll throw
in a fantasy or two of mine. Don't worry I will tell you if the story is
reality or fantasy. This one was my birthday present to myself. One thing
you will learn about me is that I like sex in public places. I don't know
why, but it makes it so much more fun. Names and places are changed,
because that seems the smart thing to do when writing a story. My name is
Reilly but everyone calls me Ry and that is the only real name you'll be
getting from me. And yes I realize that my name is ridiculous, but in
reality I got the best out of my brothers and sisters. So here's to the
beginnings of hopefully a long and fun ride.Birthday Boy!When I woke up on my eighteenth birthday I could tell things young russian seventen were
different. I woke up that morning with a new sense of a direction, and a
feeling of overwhelming horniness that could not be cured by my usual
encounters with boys from school (which I had just graduated from) or my
fuck buddy who I only saw just about every other weekend when I went to
visit my mom. I wanted a man and I had the means to do it. For my
graduation present, my dad bought me a car which he wouldn't do before
because in his opinion there is no need for a high school student without a
job to have a car of his own.I had big plans for my birthday, though, and nothing would have stopped me.
My dad was on his way home but he wouldn't get here until tomorrow morning
(he's a truck driver, which plays into the reasoning behind my plans). I
showered and then shaved every inch of my body, minus my legs arms and head
of course. I like to be smooth so I shave almost every day. I'm 6'2", 168
lbs, with brown hair and blue eyes. I have a pretty nice body so I can't
complain. I used to be on the swim team and I surf every chance I get. As
I admired my 18 year old body in the mirror I was very happy with it. I
gave my almost soft, 6 inch cock a good tug and admired it for a while.
When hard I could reach up to a little over 7 inches, but I'm not too wide.
I've never had any complaints, though.I walked naked down the hall and into my room (there's no need for clothes
when you're positive nobody will be home) and opened the loose wall panel
in young no tits my closet. This is where I kept all of my "gay shit" because if my dad
ever found out he'd probably hang me. I slid on my tight, black thong I
wore for special occasions. It perfectly sculpts my bulge. My fuck buddy
and I went to a special store a few months ago and had these specially
made. There is a waistband and the only material on it is perfectly shaped
to my cock to go around the front of my leg. There is also a thin piece of
the same material young russians fucking
that goes under my taint, and best young nonude similar to a jock, the
material splits and goes up either side of my ass cheeks. I replaced the
panel and went to my dresser to slide on some worn cargo shorts and a too
tight T-shirt that says "Bears are my friends" with a picture of a real
bear on it. I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure all was good
and left to start my day at 11 AM.When I stopped I was at a truck stop about 20 miles from my house that I
knew from the days when my dad would take me on his truck routes with him.
It was the perfect spot to get some grown-man action. I parked in the car
section of young nude thumb course, but immediately made my way over to where the big semis
were. I immediately found my first target. He was checking the tires of
his truck. This man had to be in his forties but he was a sexy man. Not
the usual truck driver I was really going after, but I wanted to test drive
him, bad. He was well-built and had sandy blonde hair. He was wearing a
T-shirt and tight fitting blue jeans. I sat on the other side of the truck
in the grass and leaned back on my elbows, just looking up at the sun.
When he came around to my side he was startled at first."Ummm... What are you doing here?" He asked as he checked his first tire.
"Sorry, I was just bored and looking for a good spot of grass to lie down
in. My dad went in a few minutes ago to lie down for a while in one of
those rooms. I'm keeping him some company on the road." I said, smiling
up at him. "Oh, well the name's John, nice to meet you..." He said,
offering his hand to young nn bikini me. "Reilly, but you can call my Ry." I took his
hand and shook. "Nice rig you got there, John, I bet it even has one of
them sleeping areas. My dad's doesn't, that's why he has to go inside." I
said as I stood up next to him. "Yeah..." He said and looked over at me,
realizing what I was getting at, "it's a pretty big bed in there, you want
to see?" All I could do was nod because I was so excited.We got inside and he immediately began kissing me. We were kneeling on the
bed and locked in a tight embrace. My tongue found its way inside his
mouth and I began massaging his. I had my hands down the back of his
pants, rubbing and squeezing his hard ass cheeks as his hand rubbed my
growing cock under my shorts. He broke the kiss and backed up a little.
He looked me up and down, with a complete look of lust in his eyes. "How
old are you?" He asked as he started sliding off his shirt. "Today's my
18th birthday!" I said with a proud smile on my face. He let out a small
growl from deep down in his throat when I said that as I slide my shorts
off, showing my sexy undies. He didn't even get a chance youngest virgin
to pull his pants
off before he was licking my cock through the material. His pants were
only down an inch but I could see that he wasn't even wearing underwear.I moaned as he licked and sucked my cock-head. By now it was young girl video
sticking out
the end of the fabric. He slipped my cock out from under the material and
admired it for a moment before he plunged down on it. I let out a loud
moan as he deep throated my entire cock. I grabbed hold of the sheets
covering the bed and managed to unmake it. I was rock hard now and he was
having some trouble getting every inch of my in his mouth. He reached to a
little compartment young black boys
and pulled out a condom. I loved where this was going.
He slid it onto my cock and started to spit on it then rub it around.
"Fuck me Ry, fuck me hard!" He said as he turned facing away from me on
his hands and knees. I moved his jeans just a little bit to uncover his
asshole but not all the way. There's something I like about fucking a guy
with some clothes on still. I spit a couple of times onto his hole and
slipped just the head of my cock in. He moaned and begged for more so I
pulled out and decided to go big or go home.I plunged into his asshole, shoving every inch of me into him hard. He
screamed in pleasure and begged me to continue. I slid my cock out and
thrust into his hole again. I continued this slow and hard fucking until
he begged me to go faster. I started pounding away at his asshole and
slapped him hard on the ass when he asked me to. I continued fucking John
but pulled him up to me so we were both kneeling now. I held one arm
around his middle and the other I used to tilt his head to the side. I
softly kissed his neck and he started really moaning. He asked me to bite
him so I did. I bit him at first softly on his neck. When he cried for it
harder I bit down hard and sucked, aiming for a nice big hickey. When I
bit hard he screamed and started cumming so I thrust my cock deep inside
his ass each time he released a spray of cum.When he finished his 10 roper, I licked the spot I bit him and slid my cock
out of his ass. I got down on my side, laying right in his cum and he got
in front of me. I wrapped my top leg around his and lifted them in the air
as innocent young teens I slid my cock back into his hole. I started fucking him fast and hard,
heading straight for my climax. He shifted his head around so he could
kiss me while I fucked him. I softly bit his lip and chewed on his ear.
Every time I would bite, even softly, he bucked and cried out and asked for
more. I started fucking him fast and hard, heading straight for my climax.
He shifted his head around so he could kiss me while I fucked him. I
softly bit his lip and chewed on his ear. Every time I would bite, even
softly, he bucked and cried out and asked for more. I was about to cum so
I slid out of him and kissed him hard while I straddled his body and slid
off the condom.I sat up and jacked myself off over him. While I did this I rubbed my bare
ass over his still soft cock. I started to cum, coating young bali porn his chest and face
with it. After I finished I leaned down to lick my cum off his face and he
pulled me down so I was fully lying on top of him to kiss me. "Fuck... I'd
love to spend more time youngest teen pussy playing with your sexy ass self I have to hit the
road." He kissed me again and started to get dressed, not even bothering
to clean off the cum. When I grabbed my clothes I slid on my shorts and
realized John came all over them and then saw the big stain on my T-Shirt.
John was already in the driver's seat so I sat in his lap and grabbed his
hand. I grabbed the pen off his clipboard and wrote my number on his hand.
I kissed him and the slid out of the truck. "Call my next time you're
around here..." young russian seventen
I said with a wave. He started up the truck laughing and
called out to me, "I ain't cum like that in quite a few years, you'll hear
from me." I waved as he drove off.It was now one in the afternoon and I needed to clean the cum out of my
clothes and off my body. I walked into the back of the truck stop wearing
only my shorts, my T-Shirt sticking out of my back pocket. I went straight
to the showers thinking I was done for the day, having spent too much time
out in John's truck. Most of the trucks that were there for a lunch visit
were gone. When I got into the small locker room I stripped off my shorts
and my sexy undies and set them in a locker. There was an older youngest virgin
guy, in
probably his 50s sitting on a bench across the room. young filipinas He had just gotten
out of the shower and was staring directly at me. He had a towel wrapped
around his waist that almost showed everything because he was a little
pudgy so it stayed open most of the way up. As I nakedly walked past him
on young cocksuckers
my way to the shower I gave a little wink and a big smile. The shower
room was tiny; it had young ls cuties 3 shower heads about a foot away from each other with
benches across the other side of the wall. I turned on the last shower and
stood under it.As I was standing under the nice, hot jet, the man came into the shower
room and asked if he could join me. "I don't mind," I said as I let my
hand slide down my flat chest and stomach to my hardening dick. The man
smiled and couldn't take his eyes off my prize, I knew I had him. He had
entered without his towel so his cock was out. It was already hard and
stuck out barely past his young russian seventen
belly. He was about 4 1/2". He walked over next
to me and I turned on the second shower head. I knew he had already
showered but I wanted him wet. He was much shorter than me, probably only
5 foot tall. He sat down on the bench and started playing with himself as
he watched me. I began to rub my cock while I stood in front of him.
"Stick your finger in your ass... Go ahead and fuck yourself for me," he
said. So I turned around and put my hand between my legs and stuck two
fingers into my asshole. I was fingering myself good when I suddenly
smelled something odd.I looked over my shoulder young teen hard and noticed that he slumped on the bench a little
and was using one hand to hold his stomach out of the way while the other
pointed his dick up at his face and chest and he was pissing on himself. I
shrugged and continued to finger myself until he told me to turn around.
He had finished pissing and was now just jacking himself off. "You want to
piss on me?" I had never pissed on someone or young no tits been pissed on before. As
long as he wasn't trying to give me the golden shower I shrugged and let
out a stream of yellow piss. I aimed my dick at his chest first, then down
at his dick. He loved that, when my piss hit his dick he started jacking
himself harder. I then started moving up slowly waiting for him to tell me
to stop before his face. The stop never came, though, and when it did hit
his face he opened his mouth, letting it fill then spitting it out as he
jacked his cock hard.The man started moaning and pitching forward as he came all over himself.
I finished pissing and started to jack off Jae young kim again. The man sat for a second
and then leaned forward to sex stories young
kiss the tip of my dick. He got up and walked
out of the shower. I stood there, shocked, as he threw on some clothes and
walked out the door. He didn't even stay to watch me get off. I just
turned towards the shower and leaned against the wall with one hand while
jacking myself with the other. Another man walked into the showers wearing
his underwear. He got under the first one and watched as I jacked myself
off. I came all over the wall in front of me and slid past the guy in young teens mpeg the
first shower. He had a half chub from young no tits
watching me jack myself off. When I
got to my clothes russian young nudiste
I saw that my underwear and T-Shirt were illegal top young
missing. That
dirty old pervert took my shit without even helping me cum.
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